Get the most effective solution for your business communication Get the most effective solution for your business communication

Get the most effective solution for your business communication

Experience flawless communication among you, your employees, and your customers by using one environment for all your digital channels

phone calls
live chats
social media
CRM systems
ERP systems

Support your business growth with the right communication tool

Do you have to use lot of channels to reach your staff and customers?

Using several apps to communicate with your employees, clients, or others can slow you and your business down. Do you want to increase your productivity while maintaining everyone working with the tools they like?

Would you like to reduce your overall communication time and costs?

Managing multiple communication tools can be very costly and resource-intensive. Would you like to save time on licensing fees, reduce IT management overhead and optimize your resources?

Do you want to give your clients the perfect customer journey?

For companies, maintaining a consistent brand image and messaging is crucial. On top of that, you need to be sure, that all your messages are always answered and that you keep track of all the information about your customers. Are you ready to set up the perfect customer journey for your clients?

Are you data and compliance secure and up to date?

Data security and compliance are paramount concerns for businesses, especially in today’s digital landscape. A unified communication tool provides a centralized and secure environment for storing and transmitting sensitive information. But how to achieve perfect safety in nowadays world?

Your communication tools should enhance your efficiency and productivity, not become an obstacle on your path. We provide solutions that streamline your communication processes allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters – growing your business.

Reach anyone with custom made digital environment Reach anyone with custom made digital environment

Reach anyone with custom made digital environment

No matter of what system you currently use, we will take everything you are used to and put it into a single, easy-to-use workspace, where you will always see all the information at any time.

Make and track all type of calls
and messages sent in and out of your company

Reach anyone anywhere

Turn any computer or mobile device into a fully functional tool that will allow you to communicate with others from wherever you may be.

One device for everything

Manage various phone numbers for your company. Switch numbers between employees, track call time, and simplify remote work.

Convenient for enterprises

Utilize personalized AI-powered interactive voice response system to assist both customers and employees.

Use personalized content

Connect your teams and your customers on any communication channel and reach more people at once.

Expand your reach

Protect yourself and your company from growing risks of attacks in the digital environment with a fully fraud-protected system.

Rely on safety and fraud protection

We tailor our system to your needs

Start with free analysis of your current system. Our solution allows you to concentrate on your core business while we guarantee seamless communication.

  • We analyse where your system can be improved and we design solution just for you.
  • We keep all your data and private information safe in our high secure cloud-based system.
  • We set up our system anywhere in Europe within 7 working days since ordered.
  • We deliver new solution with the zero impact on your employees and your business flow.
  • We care about your happiness. We reply to all your requests within 6 working hours.

Would you like to know more about our solution and how it could help your company? Get in touch with us and we will make you a custom made solution for the best price in the market.

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Try the best features of various platforms in one place

Try the best features of various platforms in one place

We combine the best of Microsoft Teams and the Enterprise Phone System of 3CX. We are the best VoIP Provider delivering Sip Trunking, better rates, VoIP Telephone System in the cloud, Telephone numbers in all European Countries, and above all professional support.

VoIP Telephone System

VoIP Telephone System

We connect you and your customers through our unique and personal VoIP telephony services. We provide the Sip Trunking, VoIP Telephone System in the cloud and we will set up your PBX for your customer the way you want it.

Phone Numbers

Phone Numbers

We stock many telephone numbers regionally and internationally. We make it as easy for foreign customers to reach you as it is for people in your own community to reach you on a local call.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

We can connect our solution to your enterprise Microsoft Teams accounts. This will allow you to easily use all the features and benefits of these systems together and gain the perfect flow for your audio and video calls, chat, online conferencing and much more.

Althicom 3CX


Connect with us to the best phone system that will accelerate your business with Live Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook, business SMS and Video Conferencing from a single client without switching between different apps.

2-Way SMS

2-Way SMS

Engage with your audience better than ever. Send and receive messages seamlessly with no technical hurdles. Communicate with your team or customers whether you need to gather feedback, confirm appointments, or provide instant support.

CRM systems

CRM systems

Our system will give you real-time insights into customer interactions, preferences, and behavior. Whether you’re tracking sales pipelines, monitoring customer interactions, or analyzing trends, our system simplifies tasks and amplifies productivity

ERP Integration

ERP Integration

Say goodbye to manual data entry. Synchronize data across departments with real-time updates for accurate information. Our encryption protocols and authentication measures safeguard always protect your sensitive information.

Social Media

Social Media

Effortlessly manage and monitor multiple social media accounts from a single, centralized hub. Collect all your messages in one place and manage them without switching from one platform to another.

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